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8 Week Program
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Dr Fern White

Dentist, Boss Lady, Coach, Mama, Yoga & Embodiment Teacher
8 Weeks of Transformation:
Join my unique online course with daily videos, worksheets, exercises and practical advice + a community of other leading dental women.
Week #1:
Beliefs, thoughts, stories
Week #2:
Fear, shame, anxiety,
how to say 'No'
Week #3:
Learn how to flow and move with ease
Week #4:
Treat yours like a temple and learn how to truly nurture yourself
Week #5:
Increase your vitality
Stop leaking energy
Week #6:
Rediscover your female body and potential
Week #7:
Reignite passion with your partner, children & yourself
Week #8:
Turn patients into raving fans, create your dream team
We meet via our private Facebook group and Live video conferences
Join over 200+ graduates:
Dr Lisa - NZ
"a powerful driver for change"
"handle situations from a place of centredness"
"revolutionary program"
"would have taken me years"
"the support network is so special"
"Dr Fern is an inspiration, very real"
Dr Anna - Sydney
"I wasn't sure about my passion"
"work was a toxic environment"
"I needed clarity and guidance"
"helped empower me, I now have control"
"excited for the future"
"my family is happier"
"I'm so grateful for Dr Fern's vision & program"
Dr Rachael - Melbourne
"I was doing the daily grind"
"my stress and anxiety was high"
"I am literally a different mother, partner and dentist"
"I am confident and I have energy"
"I can trust myself"
"the course surpassed my expectations"
"it has changed me and my life for the better"
OK. Decision time. You're ready!
Dr Fern White
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